Ruth, Sih Kinanti (2007) FAMILY RELATIONSHIP IN GABRIELLE LORD’S LETHAL FACTOR. Jurnal Lingua Cultura, 01 (01). ISSN 1978-8118

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Crime writing is not a new trend in Australian literature. One of the writers, Gabrielle Lord, has a new style on how she combines all aspects involved in crime stories and an issue, child abuse, that has been a secret for generations in Australia and probably in Indonesia. Her work covers both the hard edges of crime writing and forensic procedures together with exploration of family relationship and how these impact on people. She examines closely the family relationship and family in her work. Lethal Factor is a crime story with two cases-horrifying anthrax murder and ritualistic killing of a nun- which the forensic examiner Jack McCain has to face. He has to find out if this is a new wave of terrorism or the cryptic symbol gouged into a murdered nun’s flesh. The family relationship is becoming important and interesting when his daughter is in danger and his ex-wife causes him trouble. So this danger moves close to his home and threat his life. He has to find the assassin before it is too late.

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