Jati, Indrapramasto (2008) VESSEL TRACKING AND MONITORING HARDWARE DESIGN. Jurnal Teknik Komputer, 16 (02). ISSN 0853-6732

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This paper describes the design process of a vessel tracking and monitoring hardware as commissioned by a privately held multinational oil and gas company in Indonesia. The device was intended to record the movement of all seagoing vessels for logistic and security management purposes. The device was designed to use an EM-408 Global sat GPS receiver, a GPRS modem, a VHF TSLM data radio and an MMC (Multimedia card)as a storage memory. Controlled by an Atmel AVR ATmega162, it uses an analog multiplexer IC to enable communication with two modems using a single serial line; the communication protocol for the device was designed to work on both the VHF communication network and the GSM cellular network. The VHF data was formatted to work independently without interfering with a separate existing system which uses the same frequency. By crudely encrypting the data over the air, any rogue transmission will not affect the integrity of the transmission. The design has been proven successful for operation the Eastern Java Island area although it may not be yet suitable for operations in overseas areas due to its ability to work only with hardcoded APN and network credentials. Any future improvements have been scheduled to work on such issues as well as several structural designs.

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