Rudy, Aryanto and Andy, Putra Endicha (2010) ANALISIS RISIKO KREDIT PEMBIAYAAN MOBIL.PT BUKOPIN FINANCE. Jurnal Manajemen, 01 (02). ISSN 2086-0331

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BUKOPIN FINANCE company New Kebayorn of South Jakarka, representing one of company of defryal especially defryal of consumer of credit vehicle motor like ,Car. Taiget of this thesis is to know existence of credit risk, how level of risk and criterion of credit risk, and also management of risk in BUKOPIN FINANCE company. Research method used is descriptive method to elaborate characteristic object or phenomenon checked by using quantitative ana/vsis technique and qualitative. Quantitative analysis done by using analyzer Credit Rating System to assess risk wighr, while analysis qualitative developed by Miler and Huberman which related to analysis 55C, where process collecting data done concurrentty, and inc1ude;cover three activity which at the same time, that is; reduce data, presentation data, and conclude or verifwtion. From data research result which have been analyzed, risk can be told in middle level with total of nsk weight at unit payment weight 56 and the payment fine weight 71. Where total range quality of risk 53-78 representing middle risk category. this matter is shown that there is possibility of customer selection which less be selective at previous credit approval process and the receivable gathering wisdom which done less be maximal. Suggested fmm this research is company use Credit Rating System before speciving monitoring and debtor at a period of credit:

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