Dewanto, Wahyu (2000) MYTHIC ARCHITECTURE IN SURAKARTA KASUNANAN PALACE. Laporan Teknis Berkala Arsitektur, 08 (01). ISSN 0853-6740

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This article explain how architecture design in Surakarta Kasunanan Palace influences people`s perception. People reproduce the conditions of their own lives through their abilig to interpret and thus to understand the conditions in their environment. People rake pride in places that have special meaning. This may be due to some unique quality such as function and its mythical values related to their belief The understanding of social activity within the palace can be greatly enhanced by attention to the inside and outside appearance of the built environment. Perceiving and interpreting the physical environment of the palace is a complex process involving the interaction of social psychologv, experience and cultural values with outside stimuli The meaning attached to the physical environment may affect people`s perception and behaviour. Spatial organisation in Surakarta Kasunanan palace has produced not merely an arena in which social life unfolds, but also a medium through which social relations are produced and reproduced. Human activity within the palace space is directed by its architectural arrangement. The arrangement of most constructions exerts power in ways that are not so obviously coercive, however, it always embodies and imposes a clearly intelligible message and expresses collective will and thought

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