Prakompresi dengan Vertikal Drain Sintetis (Precompression by Synthetic Vertical Drain)

Liong, Gouw Tjie (1995) Prakompresi dengan Vertikal Drain Sintetis (Precompression by Synthetic Vertical Drain). Jurnal Geoteknik, 1 (01). pp. 43-64.


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When a structure, due to technical, socialm economy or strategic reasons has to be built on a soft soil, usuallu there are two geotechnical problems that have to be solved, i.e. Low Shear strength and lage settlement. Even though deep fondation needs to be founded on a large area. Suck a Construction can be either an emabnkment, a technique is one way to solve the above problems. The technique forces the ground to settle by applying a preload for a certain period of time before the actual construction is built. For a Thick soft soil with low permeability sucj as clay this methos is very time consuming, it needs years to force the ground to settle. To shorten the process a vertical drain can be incorporated. The drain can be either a sand drain, a paper drain or a synthetic (polymer) drain. When the ground settles, its density increases and, to a certain extend, so does the shear strength. As a result, normally the said construction can be founded on a shallow foundation. This paper discusses the theory and the application of the syntetic vertical drain.

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