Handoko, Handoko (2005) PENGOLAH DATABASE SKRIPSI DENGAN XML (extensible Markup Language). JURNAL TEKNOLOGI INFORMASI, 02 (01). ISSN 1693-8348

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Technology of the Intemet grows rapidly and many markup languages have been developed to support this technology. XML (extensible markup language), the last generation of markup language, is the answer for the needs of a language to support Business to Business (B2B) applications. XML Schema can be used to check validity of an XML document to follow any application rule. It is a text document, so that no firewall problem will appear. It was also agreed by many vendors, so that its interoperability can be guaranted XML document can be transformed to other documents (e.g. PDF, HTML) using XSLT (extensible Style sheet Language Transformation). In this paper, a web application has been developed to manage thesis reports which are document files (*.doc), transform them to XML format and keep the XML document created into Tamino XML Database Server. The Tamino server then will manage XML data and handle any request for update, insert and delete. All pages are written in XML document format, and can be displayed in HTML format using XSLT. The transformation from document file to XML document was done by using W2XML application.

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